5 Easy & Effective Ways To Use Honey For Allergies

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Allergies are not easy to deal with, but an allergy specialist (such as one from http://www.entfpss.com) can help. Yet, your allergy specialist cannot be with you all the time. Do not fret; the following guide will teach you 5 ways to use honey to help with your allergy symptoms and show you why honey is so effective. 

What's In Honey?

Honey contains several enzymes that help stabilize blood circulation, which helps decrease inflammation, like the kind some allergy victims suffer from. 

The other reason that honey might be helpful is because it contains small traces of pollen. You might be able to beat your allergies over time by simply consuming small traces of pollen. This should help your body get used to the pollen and reduce your allergy symptoms. Remember to stick with local raw honey that you can buy in a health food store or at a bee farm. Local raw honey should be stronger than other types of honeys.

5 Ways To Use Honey

1. Honey Bread

This is a simple way of eating honey because all you need to do is toast bread with butter. You can also add a little butter to your toast afterwards, and then just dab some honey on the top. You can also sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon over your honey bread, but this is optional. 

2. Honey-Infused Lemonade

Just substitute the sugar that you usually use with honey. And adjust the taste until you are satisfied.

3. Sauté Fish With Honey

This suggestion will not be too hard to incorporate into your cooking. Just cut your fish into small pieces, and cook over medium heat. Top the fish with honey, and let it cook until it is done. That is all you have to do. The fish will absorb the honey; and it adds moisture to your fish.

You can try to sauté other foods with honey if you like that mild sweet taste. 

4. Peanut Butter And Honey

This is another simple way of adding honey to your diet, and it should be a welcomed change to a traditional snack. Just replace the jelly with honey to make this particular quick snack.   

5. Warm Honey & Lemon Tea

Just boil some water, and then pour it into a cup. Add the juice of one medium-sized lemon, and add to the warm cup of water. Now drop in a couple of teaspoons of honey in your tea, and adjust to taste. 

As you can see. there a few simple ways to incorporate a little more honey into your diet to help your allergies. 


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